July 16, 2019

Hello everyone!! It sure is turning out to be a hot summer!! I cooled off in my craft room with this adorable Baby girl card. I used the following digital papers from Polkadoodles to make the card:

I used these Easter Pack  and this adorable Pink Polka dot paper. I know I have said this before but I was always apprehensive to use digital printable papers. I got some to try and instantly fell in love. If you have never used them there are some free ones (like the Easter Bundle) That have tons of options to get and play with.

I hid a sentiment under the flap on the front of the card. I printed the sentiment on a digital paper then cut it with a circle die. I used some Spectrum Noir ink on the edges to give it a little pop. I cut out the hearts behind the sentiment using the Sizzix Scattered Hearts die.

On the front of the card I colored the Winnie image using my Spectrum Noir Markers. I cut the image using a decorative die in my stash then attached to a hinge and finished it off with a small metal "love" embellishment.

I added some roses to the bottom of the card and then added a strip of lace from my stash.


July 2, 2019

It has been a whirlwind of a week but I managed to lock myself in my craft room for a bit to make this adorable little penny slider card. Let me say first that I am just completely obsessed with digital papers. I am so thankful that I found Polkadoodles and super lucky that they have such a vast variety of digital papers. I could (and have) spent hours on their site just looking at all the amazing goodies that can be found there.

Step one for me was picking out which digi papers to use. I finally settled on these: This one for the larger outside and This one for my inside with the HI Sentiment printed on top. I ran my paper through my gemini and using my multimedia nesting circle dies I created my base for the penny slider. I then trimmed the paper to fit on my card base. I then colored my mermaid with my Prismacolor pencils. I trimmed her out by hand.

I used distress paint around the edge of my card. Then I put some gesso and stuck down some white stones. Then I went around the border with gunmetal sparkle medium. I also used the paste around the smaller circle in the middle. Once all had dried I mounted the outside of the card with foam tape. Then I added a double layer of foam to my mermaid and her penny then set her aside. I placed the center circle with foam tape and slide my mermaid in. I put a little more sparkle texture on a rose and placed it in the corner.

June 18, 2019

I was looking for something original to make a dear friend of mine in love with Mermaids. When I came across the Winnie collection from Polkadoodles I thought the Winnie Best Friends digi was absolutely perfect!! I started by coloring the digi with my Spectrum Noir Markers. Then I used the Spectrum Noir Sparkle Pens to create a water like sparkle background and added some accents to Winnie's tail and flowers.

I added a little Happy Birthday sentiment using this Polkadoodles Sentiment Collection.

For the front of the card I was at a loss. Now I'll admit I have never used printable papers before but I am absolutely in love and addicted now!! I used the Polkadoodles  Distressed Wood paper pack. I cut out a circle to simulate a porthole then shaded it a light tan to stand out against the woodgrain background. I added copper brads then mounted the porthole to my background using foam tape.

I cut out my net using the CC Fishing Net Die and placed it in the corners. I used a die cut anchor I had and added a bit of twine. I then placed more twine in the corner and added a wheel charm.

October 22, 2018

Black and White Square Pillow

I absolutely love the classic look of black and white. I also love quilts and pillows that are square. I don't know if having a favorite shape is a thing or not but mine would have to be a square. I was challenged with a project using the Square Nesting Dies from Crafter's companion and this is what I came up with. I had just been sorting my fabric (Ok playing in my fabric) and found out I had 3 types of black with white polka dots fabric.


 This is actually where the inspiration came from. I realized I have a ton of black, white, and gray fabric so why not do something with it. Here is how I developed my throw pillow.
Materials Used:
Solid Black and Solid Gray Fabric
16 pieces of fabric using only black, white and gray
Crafter's Companion Adhesive Sheets
Crafter's Companion Square Nesting Dies
Cotton Stuffing
Tools Used: Sewing Machine, Gemini die cutting machine Iron
First I cut 8 squares of solid black fabric and 8 squares of solid gray fabric using the largest square in the nesting die set and the Gemini machine.
Using the next to smallest square nesting die I cut out 1 piece from each of my 16 different fabrics as well as 16 pieces of the Fabric Adhesive. Some of my smaller fabrics came from this awesome Riley Blake Charm Pack.
The adhesive is super easy to use. It comes in square sheets not a roll like many others do. I simply peeled off one side of the fabric adhesive and adhered it to the back of my smaller pieces of fabric. I repeated this until they were all adhered. Then I peeled the back of the adhesive square off and centered each smaller square into the middle of a larger square. Using my sewing machine I found a stitch I wanted to use and I stitched around the edge of each of the smaller square.
I arranged my squares into 4 rows of 4. I sewed each row and sewed each square together using a 1/4" seam allowance. I pressed the seams in alternating directions for each row. When sewing the rows together I pressed all of my seams up towards the upper row. I cut a 20 1/2" black square to go on the back but grey would be fine as well. I put the fabrics with the right sides together and stitched around the edges leaving a gap of a few inches on one side. I turned the pillow right side out through the gap. Then I filled the pillow with cotton batting. I finished off the pillow by using an invisible stitch and closing up the hole where I inserted the batting.  


October 20, 2018

Bee Napkin

I recently came across these super cute stamps and fabric ink by Crafter's Companion and I decided that I needed some cute napkins for an upcoming party we were having. They were super simple to do and so much fun. Here is how I did it...

Materials used:
Plain Linen Napkin 20" x 20"
Theaders Fabric Ink Pads
Theader's Nature's Garden Stamps Bee and Honeycomb
Clear stamping block 

First I mounted my EZ mount honeycomb stamp onto my clear block. Then I dabbed the orange ink pad onto my stamp making sure to have an even coat on it. Then I carefully placed the stamp onto one corner of the fabric. I re-inked the stamp then very carefully tessellated the die to line up with the previously stamped image and restamped the napkin. I continued this 2 more times until I had a honeycomb the size I wanted.

Then I mounted my bee stamp on the block and dabbed the black ink pad onto it. I first placed him in my honeycomb. I repeated this 2 more times as well around my honeycomb. To add and extra accent I went ahead and stamped a lone bee in each corner of the napkin.

When using this ink make sure to hit it with an iron as soon as it is try to set the ink into place. If not it will rub off on your hand when you touch it and it will smear. This will also help to set the ink into place so that it will not wear off when you wash it and the inking will last for a long time.

October 18, 2018

Striped placemat

As you have probably figured out if you have read any of my other blogs is that I love lots of crafts. I have an obsession (dangerous obsession) with fabrics. I can't pass up a sale. I guess you could say I have a color fetish and I absolutely love finding a color palette and matching and mixing colors and patterns to push the limits as much as I can. Now, that being said I also love pre matched charm packs and jelly rolls. I think designing the fabrics for those rolls and deciding what fabrics should go together in them would be the ultimate job but alas no one has asked me to help....yet. When I saw this Country Garden Jelly Roll from Crafter's Companion came out I just fell in love with the soft tones and down home country feel. I have a huge oak table and my d├ęcor just screams country living so I figured some placemats out of this roll would be absolutely perfect.
Here is what I used to make my placemats:

9 Strips from the Crafter's Companion Country Garden Roll (7 different strips for the top of the placemat and 2 matching pattern strips for the binding
1 Piece of fusible Batting cut 15" x 20"
1 Piece of coordinating fabric for the back
Coordinating Country Garden Thread

Tools Used: Rotary cutter and mat, Sewing machine, Iron, Scissors and Quilting Pins
First I ironed my 9 strips of fabric from the Roll as well as the piece of fabric for the back of my placemat. I measured and cut each of my 7 front strips to 20" in length.

I laid out my strips and figured out how they looked best to me. Then I placed the top two strips right sides together (RST) and sewed them together using a 1/4" seam. I opened the strip and pressed the seam down towards the top strip of fabric. I repeated this with the remaining strips of fabric making sure to press every seam down towards the upper strip.
Once all 7 strips were sewn together I pressed the fusible batting to the back side of the strips. Then I layered the coordinating back piece on the opposite side of the fusible backing to form a fabric sandwich. I pinned the layers of fabric in place using quilting pins. I squared up the placemat by trimming off any extra fabric at the edges to make sure all the fabric is the same size making a rectangle.
Now to the fun part...the actual stitching and quilting. I used a decorative stitch on my sewing machine and stitched along the seams in between the strips on my placemat. I recently got a new machine because my old one bit the dust. I did the fancy stitch just to test out and play with my machine. Stitching in each strip would also work.
Once the seams were stitched I made my binding. I put my strips RST and sewed the ends together forming one long continuous strip. I folded the strip in half so I had a 1 1/4" wide strip and pressed a seam. The I opened the strip and folded the ends in towards the middle then pressed them again forming a long 3/4" strip.
I placed the rough edge of my placemat inside the pressed binding and pinned it into place. Then I sewed the binding around the edge of my placemat. I pressed the placemat for a final time and considered it done.






October 17, 2018

Quilted Pink Placemat


I will say I am not an expert quilter by any means but I absolutely love to quilt and I love playing with fabrics. I decided to make a cute little placemat with the new Build-A-Block system by Crafter's Companion. I absolutely love it!! It comes with a great book filled with patterns to try PLUS there is a website you can go to with so many more patterns you can make by just cutting out fabric with the system. It makes it so easy. I have carpal tunnel and cutting out yards of fabric by hand really hurts my wrist and makes sewing less enjoyable. With this system I feel like I have no limitations!!


Here is what I used:
6 coordinating pink fabrics
Solid pink fabric for sashing and binding
Pink fabric for backing 19" x 26"
White fabric
Fusible batting 19” X 26”
Pink Thread
Build A Block die set
 Sewing Machine
Rotary Cutter and Mat
Gemini or other die cutting machine

From each of the 6 coordinating fabrics cut:
1 - 2.5” Square,  4 - 2.5” Half Square Triangles (HST)
 From the white fabric:
24 - 2.5” Squares,  24 - 2.5” HST
From the solid pink fabric:
4 - 2.5” X 6” strips, 3 - 2.5” X 22” strips,  2 - 2.5” X 19” strips
Match each pink HST with a white HST and chain stitch all of your HST’s together with the Right Sides together using a 1/4” seam allowance. Press with the seam towards the pink fabric.
Arrange your fabric into 6 groups making sure each pattern is only used once per group. Set up your fabric squares in the “shoofly” pattern. Begin sewing each row. Press your seams in alternating directions. (Row 1 to the right, Row 2 to the left etc.) Then sew the rows of each block together. Press the seams upwards. Square up your blocks.
Add 6” sashing between each block making 2 rows of 3 blocks with 2 sashing pieces in each. Sew then press seams. Add the 22” sashing on the top of each row and sew using a 1/4” seam allowance. Press upwards. Join top row of blocks to the top of the sashing on the second row. Add the final row of 22” sashing to the bottom of all the blocks. Press all seams upwards. Add the final 2 - 19" sashing pieces to the edges and press the seams inwards. Square up the entire piece. 
Iron on fusible backing to the back side of the finished top piece. Pin the solid red fabric to the back of the fusing once fused. Then quilt the 3 pieces together using any design you wish. I used the wide wavy line on my sewing machine.
Add your choice of binding to the edges and stitch into place. I made my own bias tape binding by cutting 2 1/2” strips and folding it in the middle pressing then folding ends into the pressed center and pressing again. Then I encased the placemat into the middle of the binding and sewed it onto finish the mat.