October 18, 2018

Striped placemat

As you have probably figured out if you have read any of my other blogs is that I love lots of crafts. I have an obsession (dangerous obsession) with fabrics. I can't pass up a sale. I guess you could say I have a color fetish and I absolutely love finding a color palette and matching and mixing colors and patterns to push the limits as much as I can. Now, that being said I also love pre matched charm packs and jelly rolls. I think designing the fabrics for those rolls and deciding what fabrics should go together in them would be the ultimate job but alas no one has asked me to help....yet. When I saw this Country Garden Jelly Roll from Crafter's Companion came out I just fell in love with the soft tones and down home country feel. I have a huge oak table and my décor just screams country living so I figured some placemats out of this roll would be absolutely perfect.
Here is what I used to make my placemats:

9 Strips from the Crafter's Companion Country Garden Roll (7 different strips for the top of the placemat and 2 matching pattern strips for the binding
1 Piece of fusible Batting cut 15" x 20"
1 Piece of coordinating fabric for the back
Coordinating Country Garden Thread

Tools Used: Rotary cutter and mat, Sewing machine, Iron, Scissors and Quilting Pins
First I ironed my 9 strips of fabric from the Roll as well as the piece of fabric for the back of my placemat. I measured and cut each of my 7 front strips to 20" in length.

I laid out my strips and figured out how they looked best to me. Then I placed the top two strips right sides together (RST) and sewed them together using a 1/4" seam. I opened the strip and pressed the seam down towards the top strip of fabric. I repeated this with the remaining strips of fabric making sure to press every seam down towards the upper strip.
Once all 7 strips were sewn together I pressed the fusible batting to the back side of the strips. Then I layered the coordinating back piece on the opposite side of the fusible backing to form a fabric sandwich. I pinned the layers of fabric in place using quilting pins. I squared up the placemat by trimming off any extra fabric at the edges to make sure all the fabric is the same size making a rectangle.
Now to the fun part...the actual stitching and quilting. I used a decorative stitch on my sewing machine and stitched along the seams in between the strips on my placemat. I recently got a new machine because my old one bit the dust. I did the fancy stitch just to test out and play with my machine. Stitching in each strip would also work.
Once the seams were stitched I made my binding. I put my strips RST and sewed the ends together forming one long continuous strip. I folded the strip in half so I had a 1 1/4" wide strip and pressed a seam. The I opened the strip and folded the ends in towards the middle then pressed them again forming a long 3/4" strip.
I placed the rough edge of my placemat inside the pressed binding and pinned it into place. Then I sewed the binding around the edge of my placemat. I pressed the placemat for a final time and considered it done.






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