October 17, 2018

Quilted Pink Placemat


I will say I am not an expert quilter by any means but I absolutely love to quilt and I love playing with fabrics. I decided to make a cute little placemat with the new Build-A-Block system by Crafter's Companion. I absolutely love it!! It comes with a great book filled with patterns to try PLUS there is a website you can go to with so many more patterns you can make by just cutting out fabric with the system. It makes it so easy. I have carpal tunnel and cutting out yards of fabric by hand really hurts my wrist and makes sewing less enjoyable. With this system I feel like I have no limitations!!


Here is what I used:
6 coordinating pink fabrics
Solid pink fabric for sashing and binding
Pink fabric for backing 19" x 26"
White fabric
Fusible batting 19” X 26”
Pink Thread
Build A Block die set
 Sewing Machine
Rotary Cutter and Mat
Gemini or other die cutting machine

From each of the 6 coordinating fabrics cut:
1 - 2.5” Square,  4 - 2.5” Half Square Triangles (HST)
 From the white fabric:
24 - 2.5” Squares,  24 - 2.5” HST
From the solid pink fabric:
4 - 2.5” X 6” strips, 3 - 2.5” X 22” strips,  2 - 2.5” X 19” strips
Match each pink HST with a white HST and chain stitch all of your HST’s together with the Right Sides together using a 1/4” seam allowance. Press with the seam towards the pink fabric.
Arrange your fabric into 6 groups making sure each pattern is only used once per group. Set up your fabric squares in the “shoofly” pattern. Begin sewing each row. Press your seams in alternating directions. (Row 1 to the right, Row 2 to the left etc.) Then sew the rows of each block together. Press the seams upwards. Square up your blocks.
Add 6” sashing between each block making 2 rows of 3 blocks with 2 sashing pieces in each. Sew then press seams. Add the 22” sashing on the top of each row and sew using a 1/4” seam allowance. Press upwards. Join top row of blocks to the top of the sashing on the second row. Add the final row of 22” sashing to the bottom of all the blocks. Press all seams upwards. Add the final 2 - 19" sashing pieces to the edges and press the seams inwards. Square up the entire piece. 
Iron on fusible backing to the back side of the finished top piece. Pin the solid red fabric to the back of the fusing once fused. Then quilt the 3 pieces together using any design you wish. I used the wide wavy line on my sewing machine.
Add your choice of binding to the edges and stitch into place. I made my own bias tape binding by cutting 2 1/2” strips and folding it in the middle pressing then folding ends into the pressed center and pressing again. Then I encased the placemat into the middle of the binding and sewed it onto finish the mat.


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