October 20, 2018

Bee Napkin

I recently came across these super cute stamps and fabric ink by Crafter's Companion and I decided that I needed some cute napkins for an upcoming party we were having. They were super simple to do and so much fun. Here is how I did it...

Materials used:
Plain Linen Napkin 20" x 20"
Theaders Fabric Ink Pads
Theader's Nature's Garden Stamps Bee and Honeycomb
Clear stamping block 

First I mounted my EZ mount honeycomb stamp onto my clear block. Then I dabbed the orange ink pad onto my stamp making sure to have an even coat on it. Then I carefully placed the stamp onto one corner of the fabric. I re-inked the stamp then very carefully tessellated the die to line up with the previously stamped image and restamped the napkin. I continued this 2 more times until I had a honeycomb the size I wanted.

Then I mounted my bee stamp on the block and dabbed the black ink pad onto it. I first placed him in my honeycomb. I repeated this 2 more times as well around my honeycomb. To add and extra accent I went ahead and stamped a lone bee in each corner of the napkin.

When using this ink make sure to hit it with an iron as soon as it is try to set the ink into place. If not it will rub off on your hand when you touch it and it will smear. This will also help to set the ink into place so that it will not wear off when you wash it and the inking will last for a long time.

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